The club has received information from a company offering Cadbury’s chocolate for sale for fundraising. It has been suggested that these boxes of around 20 bars be offered to our junior members as a means of assisting families meet the cost of 2009 subs which are increasing by around $20 per player.

Each box will cost about $24 and each child can make $16 profit towards their subs. Please see the poll on the home page to register your interest.

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At this evenings Bay of Plenty League meeting in Tauranga decisions were made regarding the structure of next years leagues. Federation one will have 12 teams, with a new Federation Two division with ten teams. Ngongotaha confirmed their interest in playing in this division, as did AFC Fury, Te Puke and Tauranga Boys College from Bay one.

It is likely that Huntly, Hamilton North, Cambridge and Matamata A will also join this division. Two other teams will be added to make ten. For the 2009 season it is likely that there will be no relegation from Fed 1 to Fed 2, but in 2010 there is a possibility of three teams dropping from Fed 1 to make it 10 teams. There is also the possibility of a Federation Cup being introduced.

The Bay One and Bay Two divisions are likely to remain as 10 team divisions. The Tasman Cup will remain as a knockout for both divisions, but the Tasman Bowl may be restricted to Bay two teams. The rolling subs system used in Bay Two will be retained, but with clearer guidelines.

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