The deadly duo strikers are expected to play together once more versus Wigan, in the FA Cup. Lots of fans are relying on this duo with the hope that the ace strikers can finally take City ahead of Barca in the rematch. Manuel Pellegrini, the Manchester City boss seems to have made up his mind regarding making the duo play, to make sure that City is ready to take on Barcelona effectively.

Manuel Pellegrini seems absolutely desperate to make his choice of duo striker partnership play in the Nou Camp to test their luck against the Spanish Champions next Wednesday. Since 21st January, due to series of injuries, this fantastic striker duo of Negredo and Aguero, have not played together. Nevertheless this striking duo has bagged forty nine superb goals this season leaving fans amazed.

After a month long break due a hamstring injury, Sergio has made his super comeback in Capital One Cup final on Sunday, where they bagged the game against Sunderland. Negredo wasn’t an exception either with a badly injured shoulder, and he made quite a late appearance.

City boss is ready to gamble with this duo at the moment for the upcoming quarter final of the FA cup at Wigan this Sunday to maximize the chances of their winning against Barcelona.

The Catalan giants are ahead by 2-0 after the combat at the Etihad Stadium during the 1st Leg. Manchester City needs to put in a lot of trouble if they want to turn the table around by hook or by crook. Manuel Pellegrini’s gamble at the moment seems a good step and for that matter the only for Manchester City, if they want to beat Barcelona hands down in the FA Cup.