There is some bad news for the supporters of Jordi Alba. They will have to wait a bit more to see their favourite player back in action.

The 24 years old left back was supposed to come back soon after recovering from his hamstring problem, but, he will not be able to do so now as he has discovered a new injury. He injured his thigh while participating in the training session yesterday and according to the statement released by Barca earlier today, he will not be able to feature for the club for the next one and half months.

Alba had suffered hamstring injury while playing in the game against Sevilla last month. He was expected to get back to 100% fitness in about three weeks’ time and his recovery was on track. He was just about ready to return, but, this new injury setback has ensured that he will miss more games.

This is not something which would have pleased Barca management. Alba was an integral part of their defense last season and he had looked in good form in the first few matches of this season as well.

However, Barcelona hasn’t done badly despite Alba’s absence in the recent matches. They have carried on their momentum.
Barcelona hasn’t lost a single league game this season and they are right at the top of the table at the moment. They have got the same no. of points as the no. 2 Atletico Madrid, but, their better goal differential has kept them ahead.

Meanwhile, Alba’s new thigh injury also means that he will not be able to represent his national side Spain in their last two World Cup qualifiers. However, that should not affect Spain that much as they have to take on comparatively weaker teams i.e. Georgia and Belarus.