It is understood that Roque Santa Cruz would bid good bye to the international game with Copa America being his last assignment with his national team, Paraguay.

The striker has served Paraguay to the maximum of his strength scoring more times than anybody else for La Albirroja.

But, other than his success, what makes Santa Cruz to be held in high regard in the Football world is his simplicity.

It doesn’t take long for a player to change his lifestyle considerably when he comes from a poor background and starts having a lot of money playing in overseas leagues.

But, for Santa Cruz, his motherland always remained in his heart in spite of the fact that he earned big.

There was an interesting thing that he had said in an interview 4-5 years back regarding a not so flamboyant car that he used back then.

Being a Manchester City player, he would have been earning enough to afford a more expensive car, but, he didn’t buy one because he thought using such a car in a country, where the lives of the most of the people are nothing less than misery, would be unbefitting.

His words in that interview were, “Considering the kind of situation in Paraguay in terms of the standard of living of a large part of the population, the moral sense in me doesn’t allow me to have a highly expensive car.”

“Of course, the reason you earn is to lead a good life, but, my theory is that you should only have as much as your requirements, not in surplus.”

The words themselves show his greatness, there is no need to add to that and Santa Cruz has not changed since then, he is still like that, very down to earth and always humble.