Often the choice of a player for a team is best judged by others who have played with him.

This is the case for Andres Iniesta who has been taken up by Barcelona team and Jordi Alba has been vouched for his talents. He states that Spain will definitely be able to benefit from this player’s contribution. Andres has a good reputation and achievements to showcase as well. He was the star player for Spain when they won the game against the Czech Republic. The midfielder is known to have been pivotal for many crucial goals for the team. His team mates vouches for his skills as Jordi feels that his skills are definitely different from others.

The midfielder of Barcelona was made man of the match in the Group D win that the country had over the Czech Republic. Iniesta has several achievements under his belt like being a World Cup winner as well as a winner of the European Championship two times. Alba is his team mate, he is able to point out the ways this player is special for the team. He states that Andres is the man they turn to when they face difficult situations.

Many people would admit the same when they have seen Andres in action in the opening game of Euro 2016. He provided the cross for Gerard Pique and proved his creative skills on the field. Alba admitted to the influence Andres can wield on the field and how the team is dependent on his skills. Alba states that he helps the team when they are put in a difficult situation. Indeed, the country had gone on to defend their title against Turkey. Alba feels that the team took the right decision when they decided to take him on and he has definitely proved himself to be an asset for the team.