Barcelona players Jordi Alba and Neymar Jr. are in good spirit according to reports, after the duo had clashed in the 2-1 loss to Valencia.

The players were involved in a clash during an goal-bound attack from the Catalan giant. The Brazilian was asking for the ball but Jordi Alba chose to ignore the call. This infuriated the Neymar who insulted Jordi Alba shouting: “Go fuck yourself! What? What? You got a problem?”

This drew attention to the Spanish team that had been having poor results especially in the Spanish La Liga league. After the outburst from Neymar, both players stood their ground, but the brief moment ended with Alba extending his right hand, rebuking the words thrown at him by his team-mate. Jordi Alba is also one of the players with a strong character in the dressing room based on various reports in the past.

After the showing from both players of the Catalan side, during the training session the following week, the players seemed to be in good spirits as they prepared for the trip to Deportivo La Coruna. Barcelona won the game by 8-0 and even won the next league game against Sporting Gijon by 6-0.

The 27-year old Left-Back played in both games and could easily be seen laughing around with the Brazilian star. Barcelona have three more games to execute before being handed the Spanish La Liga title again, after their string of poor run that also included being knocked out of the UEFA Champions League by fellow Spanish side, Atletico Madrid. The Catalan giant had hoped to repeat the treble they achieved last season but the poor run during that period killed that dream. Many analysts attributed the break in form to fatigue, as the forwards in Messi, Suarez and Nerymar had played more minutes that the forwards of other clubs.