It is the hope of Mikkel Beck, Lucas Digne’s agent, that his client can go on to take over from Jordi Alba as Barcelona’s first choice in the left-back position, and as a legendary player as well.

Last summer saw Digne in a move from Paris St. Germain to the Catalonian Giants for a fee of €16.5 million.

With the kind of injury problems besotting Alba, the new left-back has gone on to make no less than 15 appearances with the club. However, Luis Enrique always picks Alba as his first choice whenever he is fit, but Beck hopes this can change in no distant time.

Speaking to Get French Football News, Digne’s agent said:
“In time we hope that [Digne] will take over from Alba and become a Barca legend in years to come.

“That is the reason why we signed [for Barca]. He respects Alba for being a great player and he has a really good relationship with him and for the moment they have shared the playing time very well.

“I think that Luis Enrique is very happy to have two left-backs who can play whenever he needs them to.”

The agent of the 23-year old also mentioned that a top club like Barcelona always needs no less than two players in each position, so as to sharply fill up any vacuums, if they wish to continue picking up the titles they have been getting in a while.

Last season, Digne was on a loan spell with Roma but the Italian club decided to sign him off in the summer. Also, they got an interest from a club in the Premier League, but according to Beck, choosing to move to Barca wasn’t a difficult decision.