Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is looking forward to stopping the run of Wolves and their manager Paul Lambert when both sides clash in the FA Cup.

The pair are set to meet again after their earlier clash in Italy.

When Conte used to play football, he was sidelined so he could not appear, as Juventus were defeated 3-1 by rivals Borussia Dortmund in the 1996 /97 Champions League final. Lambert lined up for Dortmund so emotions could be stirred up when they meet this time as managers, however with both present.

Also, Lambert has ended the run of two Premier League sides Stoke City and Liverpool in the tournament this term. They would be looking at another upset – a major one if they can push out the Premier League leaders who are beaming with confidence.

“This is one of the three finals I lost. We were favourites. I remember that they were the underdog before the game, but they won very well against us. He was a good player. I remember very well,” Conte said of the time they met as players.

“Revenge is not a good word. Now we started a new career me and Lambert, as coaches. I wish for him the best for his career – after the game. For me it will be a great pleasure to shake his hand,” Conte added.

Both sides will go head to head at Molineux in the evening. Chelsea are the favourites ahead of the clash but the coach would likely rest a few senior players whilst giving the youngsters time to shine.